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What is Cosmythology?
Cosmythology lets you build up and learn from expert advice and use it your advantage, in both life and business. You can visualize data in charts and graphs as your questions gain discussion- allow you to build demographic data surrounding the content which you cultivated. Scalable and easy to use, Cosmythology lets people and businesses tap into powerful data analytics on demand to gear their products for success. Cosmythology provides an online and mobile environment for informed and intelligent decision-making based on real data cultivated through the network of users. More so than ever, data is valuable. Stop paying thousands for analytics. On Cosmythology, it’s free and easy.
What can I do?
With every gesture and engaging commentary on Cosmythology, each user builds up a points system which allows them to get the stuff they love the most. Gauging of real big data which can drive product success and true testimonial review like never before! Learn how to drive business outcomes based on live data by performing ad-hoc analysis. It’s simple - Cosmythology gives you the opportunity to develop the insight you need to control, adapt, and drive business outcomes in your industries. Make decisions and adapt marketing and advertising tactics which can take your business to new heights. Cosmythology allows every user to not be concerned with conversions or ad-driven user engagement, but rather identifying the most popular, cost effective, user rated products on the market with data cultivate by the whole web in random samples, and not just a focus group of paid as well as uninterested people. Discover the truth about your product, and your brand - today! You can even compare and contrast any two questions/posts to get the differences between them.
What’s so special?
Manage all this from one easy to use application available online in the cloud, and on your mobile devices. Real people, not corporations, need access to BIG DATA. Giving people opportunities to launch products, start small businesses, and make more informed choices on the people, places, and products they engage with is the key focus at Cosmythology. Managing product marketing and advertising relevant data in once place offers the individual or a business the leading edge in honest content creation based on real users and real data. The data you see let’s you know what market to target, what advertisement channel to target; and when to target them. The variations of data presented allows ever user to build non-biased data that can drive real user engagement with a product, thus giving rise to better products and a better understand of what is worth it, and what is not. So goes the infamous question: “Those sneakers…are they worth it? Can they really make me fly like Jordan?”. Well, you gotta get involved to find out.
What’s the goal?
Get involved with other users and gain points for your wonderful insight. Every question answered or posted, endows users with rising points on Cosmythology. Users can utlize credits earned on Cosmythology to purchase products with our affiliate partners like and The goal is for every user to be able to make informed decisions with data gathered from qualified people all over the world. With Cosmythology, our mission is to give every user the chance to gain points by engaging in BIG DATA, thus allowing them to generate a user profile with greater reputation and upward mobility. You can only trust those with experience. On Cosmythology, experience is everything. Cosmythology once began as a platform for the cosmetic industry, but it has slowly been sought out and adopted for use by scientists, researchers, non-profit organizations, and government organizations. An informed society, is a healthy society.
Why do you NEED Cosmythology?
Looking for ways to check if your product or idea is market ready or sounds good? Cosmythology is a zero-commission Q & A community. The newest, and simplest way to analyze and generate BIG DATA for Small Businesses and Regular People just like us! Stop paying hundreds and thousands to obtain marketing reviews or product case studies— Just post your product and get all kinds of feedback that will give you insights and data pertaining to your post. Ask a question about a product, post a photo you took, upload a youtube video you made, or link a product from a page URL to ask questions and get answers fast! Every voice not the web should be heard — On Cosmythology, ever user has a verified profile for who and what they engage with. Google and other search engines have a problem getting real quantifiable data from trusted and truthful sources - sources that are not paid to shine, simply rewarded to engage. Users can see everything organized and calculated in real-time.
What is the service?
Cosmythology is a content driven management SaaS application available via web and mobile with the capability to handle ad-hoc data analysis of variable demographics in different markets giving insight to businesses and people; not only major corporations who pay millions for information or data on their customers. Make research backed decisions and don’t face defeat; smell victory!

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Cosmythology provides users with simple and intuitive BIG DATA monitoring tools, including data analytics, product success forecasting, and information engaging users from the entire web community to help people maximize sales by utilizing valuable analytics. Founded in 2010 in the sunny OC at the University of California, Irvine by Armen Chircorian. Cosmythology will use its latest funding (STACKS ON STACKS ON STACKS) to create additional analytics tools and build out its mobile app.